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*-adult sexytimes ;)


There've been a lot of cool upgrades to the Gastrophobia Patreon!

Backer reward changes:
  1. Now you only need to pledge $8 to get pdfs of both volumes of Gastrophobia!
  2. I merged the $11 sticker reward level with the Antstrophobia mini reward level.
  3. New $15 tote bag reward level! Includes pdfs, stickers, and backer blog access!
  4. I added a $20 original art sketch card reward level!

Milestone goal changes:
  1. If I meet the $250 milestone goal, every patron will get a DRM-free pdf copy of my classic minicomic, Marty's big day!
  2. The double-pages goal amount has been lowered to $600!
  3. New goal! If I reach $2k, I'll start a 2nd comic series to run alongside Gastrophobia!