• The majority of ants have working eyes, however there are breeds of ant which are completely blind. They navigate by scent alone.

• In some species of ant, the guard ant blocks entry into the ant colony with a specially shaped head like a cork in a bottle.

• Ants raise and ”milk” aphids like cattle. Some species of aphids don’t even have the ability to poop on their own, relying on ants for that basic bodily function.

• Ants recognize other ants from their colony by scent. An ant with a foreign scent will be attacked (unless it’s an Antmazon apparently).

• In Greek mythology, Zeus transformed a colony of ants into humans (the Myrmidons) to populate the city of Aegina.

• Antye and Antigone are the names of Greek women from the 3rd century BCE. Antye was a famous poet. Antigone was the wife of the ruler of Epirus.

• A single ant can defeat a centipede several times its size in battle. You can look it up on Youtube!