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Ret-conned Volume 4 Pages
So, I'm completely re-writing volume 4 from scratch. Here are the old pages if you're feeling nostalgic.
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Ask Phobia the Phearless
Apparently, Phobia had a tumblr ask blog when she was 8!

Guest Comics*

Sometimes I do guest comics for other webcomics! Here are some of them.

Due to the nature of guest comics, some of these may turn into broken links.
Map of Ancient Greece circa 1400 BC
You know what the best part of any fantasy novel is? The map! Everyone knows a book without a map isn't worth reading. With that logic in mind, I put together a map of how Phobia and Gastro saw the world. The dotted line is Phobia's journey from her birthland to her new home in Ancient Greece.

Keep in mind that as a product of the American education system, I'm not exactly an expert on geography. Actually, I think Amazonia is supposed be in Africa? Where's Pretty Pony Land? What is this a map of?!

1280x1024 wallpaper    1600x1200 wallpaper

WCCC Ceremonial Comic
The first comic I ever drew featuring Gastro and Phobia was a presentation comic for the last ever Webcartoonist Choice Awards! This was a great year for presentation comics because Ryan Estrada improved the whole "online ceremony" by introducing some healthy limitations.

WCCA Comic

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